The Golden Eco-Adventure Ranch – Overview Map.


zoomoutPractice these few steps to ensure the safety of yourself, family, friends and most importantly the animals that make their home here. Always store your food and coolers in your RV, car or the designated picnic shelters. Never store food in your tent. Always cook in a separate area from your sleeping area. Always dispose of your garbage in the bear-proof receptacles. Never leave garbage lying around. Hike in groups of four or more and make lots of noise. Keep pets on a leash at all times. Report any wildlife sightings to the office.




Driving Directions:

Golden Eco-Adventure Ranch LocationHeading South from Golden on Highway 95 it takes about 8 minutes to get to The Ranch. Coming North from Radium Hot Springs, you will approach the Nicholson turn off after about 50 minutes of driving. Drive carefully and watch for wildlife bolting onto the highway, especially after dark.

Our campground is located at:
872 MacBeath Road, Nicholson, BC.
Drive Approximately 5km south of Golden BC on Hwy.95, Turn right at Nicholson Road; Take the first  right on Canyon Road to cross the bridge that spans the Columbia River. Proceed to where MacBeath Road splits off to the right. The Ranch will be on your right. Proceed for 1 km along MacBeath Road until you reach the Golden Eco-Adventure Ranch driveway and turn right.

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